Saturday, 5 January 2013

2012 - A year in blogging

So, all the expectations of Apocalypse are overturned. We have survived 21/12/2012 and leaping into 2013 with much vigor. I know that this is a later blog post, i have been meaning to post it around Jan 1 or 2nd but something or other always came up. So, i present a quick review of 2012.

I celebrated my blog's 1st Blogoversary this year.

I won many giveaways this year.

Started receiving review copies from 3 big publishing groups - Random House India, Pan Macmillan India and Hachette India.

Netgalley is as eva very good to me......OMG so many books to read.

And Edelweiss still isn't there yet :(

And most of all I crossed 2 milestone following quota....first 500.....then 700..........My current follower count is 718.

Oh and i took part in three reading challenges

Well is read 100+ books this year, total count being 119. So thats done with the 1st challenge but somehow i only read 4 or 5 in the next two, so i suppose quite good but could have gone better......

lets see here is the link that tells you the books i read in 2012....... (CLICK HERE)



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