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The Twixt #1 Indelible

This is why Harlequin Teen is one of my favorites..... Presenting The Twixt #1 Indelible by Dawn Metcalf.

Here is the summary of the book:

Some things are permanent.


And they cannot be changed back.

Joy Malone learns this the night she sees a stranger with all-black eyes across a crowded room—right before the mystery boy tries to cut out her eye. Instead, the wound accidentally marks her as property of Indelible Ink, and this dangerous mistake thrusts Joy into an incomprehensible world—a world of monsters at the window, glowing girls on the doorstep, and a life that will never be the same.

Now, Joy must pretend to be Ink’s chosen one—his helper, his love, his something for the foreseeable future...and failure to be convincing means a painful death for them both. Swept into a world of monsters, illusion, immortal honor and revenge, Joy discovers that sometimes, there are no mistakes.

Somewhere between reality and myth lies…


 Unique and indelible at its core.... By author Dawn Metcalf, Indelible in the first book of her brand new series called The Twixt. The thing I like about Harlequin Teen, they always have something cool and something new to present with each of their books and i'm happy to say that this holds true the most.

This is the story of Joy Malone who accidentally stumbles upon this dark ad dangerous and equally fantastic and overwhelming world of the Twixt when she catches the eye of the mysterious Ink and sister Inq...... and tackles the coming battles her way without hesitation and head held high.

Going into this book was like solving the greatest mystery ever because the synopsis pretty much keeps the awesomeness of the tale within its pages under lock and key only to be explored as the reader reads. Also this book made me actually ponder rather slowly with the happenings within the pages rather than reading it at top speed like i do sometimes......

If the mysterious awesomeness isn't enough, we get to see some pretty interesting characters too. joy, the female human protagonist f he tale. The thing I admired, while she resisted at first sooner than later she starts to accept the world that exists at the corner of the eye (the one place we never look for... a whovian reference i know) and she doesn't whine at all but instead taking it all in strides and understanding the ways of this old world (Faery tales anyway!).

Another one I would like to introduce is the make supernatural protagonist, Indelible Ink. It actually took me a bit of time to understand him and his motivations. He is a scribe just like his sister Invisible Inq and it is their job to maintain the balance between the human world and that of the Twixt by the Signatura. Also he is not born but made, which gives his body the ability to mold itself as he wants (something we all envy). There is and aura of mystery about him that makes not only us but Joy too to want to get to know him more. And might I say i'm relieved it is not an insta-love. They become acquaints first, then friends and finally fall so deep and hard that the level of devotion is enough to pull us even harder into the sway of the book.

A sweet and empowering, passionate love and the coming hardship of battle that could decide the fate of both world coupled with the newness of the tale is enough to warrant a 5/5 star to this jewel.

"Dawn Metcalf produces a unique & fresh tale Indelible in its existence"

Genre :      Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Harlequin Teen

Release Date: 30th July, 2013

My Copy publisher and netgalley

Rate:              5/5 (It was Awesome)

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  1. Harlequin Teen really does have some amazing books! I always love when they come out with something new. This book sounds really interesting! I'm looking forward to checking it out myself. :) Great review!

  2. I really enjoyed this book as well :) And the concept was really unique! Awesome review :)

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

  3. I love Harlequin Teen! They have some of my favorites. This sounds so good and I cant wait to read it. Great review!

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

  4. I loved how unique this was! I'm definitely excited for more in the sequel. :)

  5. I cannot wait to read this one. I am waiting impatiently for it to arrive in the mail. After reading this review, I think I will be sitting my booty on the couch and immediately be cracking it open. I am ready for The Twixt!



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