Monday, 3 August 2015

Gates of Thread and Stone #2 The Infinite

Presenting Gates of Thread and Stone #2 The Infinite by Lori M. Lee.

Here is the summary of the book:

The walls of Ninurta keep its citizens safe.

Kai always believed the only danger to the city came from within. Now, with a rebel force threatening the fragile government, the walls have become more of a prison than ever.

To make matters worse, as Avan explores his new identity as an Infinite, Kai struggles to remind him what it means to be human. And she fears her brother, Reev, is involved with the rebels. With the two people she cares about most on opposite sides of a brewing war, Kai will do whatever it takes to bring peace. But she’s lost her power to manipulate the threads of time, and she learns that a civil war might be the beginning of something far worse that will crumble not only Ninurta’s walls but also the entire city.

In this thrilling sequel to Gates of Thread and Stone, Kai must decide how much of her humanity she’s willing to lose to protect the only family she’s ever known.

A much more concise plot and better than the first book but somehow I still don't care very much for it. Which is pretty sad because this here has a lush narrative and vivid landscapes but somehow I just couldn't keep my wits about to enjoy it as I wanted to. The world building as usual was striking enough with the occasional conflicts and controversies thrown in.

Kai somehow always makes me pity her for her circumstances. She is at a cross roads, time draws nearer (literally) to make her decisions of leaving humanity and joining the Infinites and somehow she can't seem to use her magic anymore. But she doesn't give it much thought because Kal Ninu might be dead but their troubles surely have not. There is a danger to Ninurta both from the outside and inside. And Reev and Avan, the two most important men of her life seem to be at the opposite of it.

Overall not my favorite by far but it had potential. I will definitely read this again at a later date in a much more tranquil state of mind to see what I make of it then.

"Expanding on its predecessors, a vivid drama but a lukewarm experience"
Genre :     Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Dystopia, Paranormal

Publisher: Skyscape

Release Date: 10th March, 2015

My Copy: publisher & netgalley

Rate:             3/5 (Liked It)

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  1. What an interesting cover. Hopefully the next time you give these a go it'll grab ya a bit more.



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