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The Corridor #1 The Corridor

Presenting The Corridor #1 The Corridor by A.N. Wills.

Here is the summary of the book:

Infinite worlds. Endless possibilities . . .

Stel Alaster has never known life without the Corridor. It appeared suddenly seventeen years ago, the only portal to a parallel version of our world—Second Earth. Everyone on First Earth fears Mods, the genetically modified Second Earthers who built the Corridor. They are too smart, too strong, and have powers that can’t be controlled. Any Mod found on First Earth is branded, then detained in the Corridor’s research labs.

Only Stel has a dangerous secret. She has a power, too: She can open a portal to Second Earth . . . and several other parallel universes she’s discovered. If anyone ever finds out, she’ll be imprisoned, no better than a Mod or common lab rat.

But when the Corridor starts to fail, emitting erratic bursts of energy that could destroy First Earth, Stel must risk everything to save the people and world she loves. With the help of an escaped Mod and an infuriatingly arrogant boy from a third universe, Stel sets out to unravel the mysteries of the Corridor and stabilize it before it’s too late. The fate of every world lies in the balance. . . .

The first of the series, The Corridor is a fast paced sci-fi drama about alternate realities or multiverses, alternate Earths. There is never any conclusive proof that alternate realities exists bit if you (like me) are sci-fi nerds with an open mind then you'll believe that our choices coupled with all that 'what if' scenario available on a grand scale, then anything is possible. Just believing is the key. But we are weening off topic, A. N. Wills spins a vivid and imaginative spectrum within its pages around the portal - the Corridor through which inter-dimensional travel to other worlds is very much possible.

The Corridor is a much coveted technology on First Earth but it is also unstable. Where one such bout of fluctuations gave protagonist Stel Alaster her unique ability to be able to create portals on her own. But necessarily doesn't understand what it would mean for her. First Earth is a bleak dystopian world where having powers like that makes you inherently a mod (and gets you tagged), refugees from Second Earth. She loves her family very much but doesn't know what to do with them. Her absent minded father, who was once a great contributor of the Corridor's maintenance and study, now relegated to the position of a lowly scientist or her brother, who puts much more stock in the beliefs of his new manipulative boss than his own family.

Suffice it to say, she satisfies herself by doing her own explorations of her new found powers. One such incident leads her to a different inhabited world, where she meets Cohl. A cocky and brash testosterone fueled teenager who tends to hide his true nature behind an indifferent and angry mask. Of course the attraction between  Stel & Cohl is instant and felt rather rushed but in this situation that can be quite believable. Stel is someone who would give it her all too her family and loved ones safe and Cohl readily accepts that and helps her as much in her endeavors to save her world.

Starts out slow and ending in a high octane battle across realities and the confines of time & space. The Corridor sets the ground work for the sequels (yes this is a series) in vivid proportions. Be it the technology to travel through dimensions or lush Earths or consisting of characters with questionable motifs and all the actions and twists & turns woven throughout the pages makes this a book you shouldn't miss out on. Add a strong and inspirational protagonist like Stel, who goes through cosmic proportions of hardships but comes out still maintaining the love and compassion for friends & family .... Of course it just had to end on a cliffhanger ...... Definitely on the lookout for the next book because really cliffhangers are a pain.

"Fast paced, astoundingly scintillating and scientifically vivid. Keeps your attention"

Genre :     Young Adult, Sci-fi, Thriller, Dystopia, Romance

Publisher: Alloy Entertainment

Release Date: 23rd June, 2015

My Copy: publisher & netgalley

Rate:             4/5 (Really Like It)

Buy:         Amazon 


  1. The cover for this is awesome! Glad to hear you liked it. I will have to check it out. Great review!

  2. I liked this one too, the concept is really interesting. And that ending? Cliffhangers suck. I can't wait to see what happens next.



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