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World of Fire

Presenting World of Fire by James Lovegrove.

Here is the summary of the book:

A brand new SF series from the author of the Pantheon series, which included the break-out hits Age and Ra, Age of Zeus and Age of Odin. Dev Harmer wakes in a new body with every mission, and he has woken this time on Alighieri, a planet perpetually in flames, where the world's wealth lies below the elemental surface, and humanity is not the only race after it.

Dev Harmer, reluctant agent of Interstellar Security Solutions, wakes up in a newly cloned host body on the planet Alighieri, ready for action.

It's an infernal world, so close to its sun that it surface is regularly baked to 1,000 C, hot enough to turn rock to lava. But deep underground there are networks of tunnels connecting colonies of miners who dig for the precious helium-3 regolith deposits in Alighieri's crust. 

Polis+, the AI race who are humankind's great galactic rivals, want to claim the fiery planet's mineral wealth for their own. All that stands between them and this goal is Dev. But as well as Polis+'s agents, there are giant moleworms to contend with, and a spate of mysterious earthquakes, and the perils of the surface where a man can be burned to cinders if he gets caught unprotected on the day side..

James Lovegrove's new SF series, I just knew I had to read it. I have read three of his pantheon series sagas - Age of Ra, Age of Zeus and Age of Odin and I loved how the author incorporated Gods of various pantheon into his alternative world stories. Thus, I found 'World of Fire' on Netgalley and requested it without a second glance.

Set in a distant future, the people of Earth have spread out across the stars. Where they came face to face with the AI race called Polis+. A bloody war was waged eventually resulting in an uneasy truce after both sides sustained looses. The war may be over by the time out story begins but the fight is still on an constant tension still reigns supreme.

It is in these times that Interstellar Security Solutions (ISS), the agency that offers contract based services to planets facing terrestrial or extraterrestrial problem that rather rise from Polis+ involvement. Dev Harmer, the troubleshooter from ISS is the protagonist and he is sent to the beaming hot mining planet, Aligheri. Too close to comfort to the Polis+ region of space, this is a Helium 3 mining planet and recently they have been experiencing tremors and Harmer is sent to find out why and if the culprits are Polis+, then do everything to put a stop to it.

Harmer is our wise-cracking hero who rubs the inhabitants of the planet in the wrong way. A war veteran Harmer knows what is going on and while the people of Aligheri don't tolerate him at all, they soon realize that he means business and will achieve said results by hook or by crook. His investigations lead him across this burning hot planet unearthing clues and keys and following leads none thought existed.

Spine-tingling action and dramatically intriguing, Lovegrove serves us a power packed debut for this new series with a well thought out plot, the needed world building and strong characters to make it a memorable reading experience. The ending gives us a glimpse into the next one 'World of Water' and i'm excited to see what it will hold.

"An action-packed new SF series from James Lovegrove"
Genre :      Science Fiction, Fantasy

Publisher: Solaris

Release Date: 26th August, 2014

My Copy: publisher and netgalley

Rate:              4/5 (Really Liked It)

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