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All that Glows #2 All that Burns

Presenting All that Glows #2 All that Burns by Ryan Graudin.

Here is the summary of the book:

In this thrilling sequel to All That Glows, the worlds of magic and mortal are colliding as London celebrates its new king, marking an era of unity between the Faery realm and the human one. Emrys, the Faery guard to the British royal family, sacrificed her powers to be with King Richard, choosing love over immortality. But now, as Emrys struggles to navigate her place between the Faery queen’s court and London’s lavish galas, danger looms beyond the Thames.When a prisoner with dark, strange magic breaks out of Queen Titania’s labyrinthine prison, endangering Emrys's king and sparking an uprising, Emrys must make the hardest decision of all.

Will she reclaim her magic to save Richard’s life and lose him forever? Or stay powerless as the kingdom goes down in flames?

A great and much more affirming conclusion to a duology. Ryan Graudin has created the perfect companion to 'All that Glows', its not really necessary to read it to know how the duology ends but this companion novel asserts its presence nonetheless ..... Also if you are all wondering, no ...... there is no love triangle here ...... if someone said it then you must not believe it.

Things have changed a lot for Emrys & Richard. After giving up her life as Fae and joining the ranks of the mortals, things have been difficult. Now that Richard is King, he must give more hours to the Parliament. Without her powers Emrys on the other hand feels helpless and weak doubting the authenticity of Richard's affections for her and vice-versa. The public is not happy that their King is going to wed an ex non-human. Add to that an ancient enemy has escaped from the Fey prison.

Beautifully rendered, Graudin gave this a much needed reality. There is love, sweet love, doubts, insecurities, public unrest and action .... magical and non-magical alike. Change is not easy and Graudin's prose is prof of that. So their King has decided to marry an ex-Feary, you don't expect the public to be onboard with it in a beat. Richard wants longer light-offs (Earth Hour) to help the Fae into modern society, a novel approach I wager but you won't get everyone onboard for that in an instant either. Change comes gradually, 'All that Burns' is a sure proof of that.

True love trumps all. As seen throughout the course of this book Emrys and Richard release, they must accept who they are and only then go from there. As Camelot's history unravels and old would are unearthed and conspiracies raging afire, Emrys must get over her insecurities (a large portion of the book deals in that) and get Richard and get back her happiness.

"A fast paced unputdownable conclusion to Emrys and Richard's love story"

Genre :      Young Adult, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

PublisherHarper Teen

Release Date: 10th February, 2015

My Copy: publisher and edelweiss

Rate:              4/5 (Really Liked It)

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