Tuesday, 30 August 2011

The Iron Fey #1.5: Winter's Passage

Short and to the point. I present before you all, an interim scene between The Iron King and The Iron Daughter, Winter's Passage.

Here is the summary of the scene:

Meghan Chase used to be an ordinary girl...until she discovered that she is really a faery princess. After escaping from the clutches of the deadly Iron fey, Meghan must follow through on her promise to return to the equally dangerous Winter Court with her forbidden love, Prince Ash. But first, Meghan has one request: that they visit Puck--Meghan's best friend and servant of her father, King Oberon--who was gravely injured defending Meghan from the Iron Fey. Yet Meghan and Ash's detour does not go unnoticed. They have caught the attention of an ancient, powerful hunter--a foe that even Ash may not be able to defeat.... An eBook exclusive story from Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series.

Meghan by the end of 'The Iron King' has defeated King Machina and had got her brother back. But she must now honor the end of the deal she had made with the gorgeous winter Prince, Ash.

 This scene serves as the account of their journey to the Unseelie Court. And its not a bed of roses. Meghan wants a slight detour from this final departure of sorts - she wants to visit Puck. But this detour does not get unnoticed by an ancient hunter. A hunter who neither belongs to the Seelie or the Unseelie Court. How would Meghan and Ash evade being deleted by his ferocious being?

Winter's Passage is the goods. Every page spews of the anticipation that something is about to happen. Every turn of event speaks of coming horrors. A short scene but Julie Kagawa has out done herself. You'll be surprised - Winter's Passage is really good.

Genre :      Young Adult, Fantasy

Publisher: HarlequinTEEN

Rate:              4/5 (Really Liked It)


  1. I love the Iron Fey series! Winter's Passage as well as Summer's Crossing were short but your right Kagawa outdid herself with them.

  2. I know and hopefully i'd be able to read the remaining books fast



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