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"Knowledge is power" and we believe that without reading we cannot progress.

This is a site where we read books, any genre is acceptable and review them. Where we stay true toward the general aspects of the books reviewed.

"A blog for the books and of the books"

Something about me -

Hello there my name is Aparajita Basu and yes I'm from India. I created Le' Grade Codex in 2011 as an outlet to sight my views regarding the various books I read. I have become so book crazy that I finish one book and then move onto the next one without a stop. I am obsessed with books. I love buying them. I love collecting them. I blame 'Jo Rowling' for my unhealthy book obsession. Before I was introduced to the Harry Potter saga I was an occasional reader and not at all book crazy but not the case now. No worries i'm loving this part of my life really well.

But this doesn't mean that I don't have a life.

Besides my book craze I am pursuing a B.A. in media Studies graduation course from Allahabad University, India and hope to make it big in the Animation industry. I also love to watch movies (preferably Hollywood 'cause Bollywood doesn't really appeal to me any more) and listen to music, going places, talking to people and helping round the house. So yes i do have a life besides books. Oh yes i forgot to mention i have an unhealthy but to a lesser degree obsession for Japanese manga as well. Oh and  Le' Grande Codex is my second blog after The 'A' - Jurnale.

Find me on Pottermore, i'm a ravenclaw, AurorScarlet151.

"Wit Beyond Measure is Man's Greatest Treasure"

What do I like to read - 

I am mainly attracted towards Fiction. Any subgenre of fiction is acceptable, the only condition is that the plot should be good. Classics are also in my repertoire, as this genre so full of details of the eras long past. Some non-fiction and subject or software books here and there for "Knowledge is power". Although YA Fiction is becoming a favourite day-by-day. Those enticing covers really make me want to devour them. So, my tastes are pretty eclectic, so you may also find an old classic popping up now and again.

Why Blog -

Simple to make a niche in the world. Also to share my views and make them known. And although I don't really write anything as of yet that is of my own creation but maybe one day I will.

So I hope you all will enjoy my blog as much as I do when I write it.

Contact me at:

Twitter - @AparajitaBasu
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