Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Ultimate Sacrifice

New authors everyday and its was pleasure to read them giving new meaning to used concepts and even adding new points to the ever increasing and fantasizing young adult fiction bases. Read on about The Ultimate Sacrifice by Talia Jager.

Here is the summary :

Within our world exists a much darker world only known to a select few. Some are identified as "gifted" and brought to a special institute where they develop their own unique talent and understanding of this world within our world. It is here Kassia finds out her talent is both dangerous and difficult to control. She has the ability to inflict pain on an individual within her sight. It is only after a friend is being attacked that she realizes her talent is much more powerful when she brings death to the attackers. Little did she know that use of such a powerful talent alerted demons to her existence. Suddenly she is on the run with her best friend, who ironically is immune to her power, and a new kid at school she was falling for. Realizing she can't outrun the demons, she seeks the guidance of a local shaman. The shaman explains the only escape is through her own death. In order to protect her friends and institute, she sets out to do just that.

Think would you be able to give the ultimate sacrifice to protect your loved ones, your friends? 

The Glendale Institute students are "gifted." This story focuses on Kassia, a mind-blower, one who delivers pain with her mind and can even cause death. Her friends, Mira, Daxton, Noe, Auralee, and Zane all play equally important roles as they come together to stop an army of demons, disgustingly rotten creatures of darkness - of hell; from taking over and everyone being destroyed by them and their evil leader, Kern.

The plot was pretty easy to follow, there’s absolutely nothing complicated about it. Still, at the same time, I was longing for more details and challenges because it was such a good story with added twists. Nonetheless, I’m giving the author some kudos because after a few chapters, I was fixed to the book. I wanted to read more of it, but before I knew it, it’s over. The story took off a bit slow, revolving around school and romance, but as it progressed, everything started to go wild and quite thrilling. On top of that, the first person perspective worked well in bringing both Kassia and Mira to life. The voice was very teenage-like, matches their characters and their emotions were portrayed in convincing manners. All in all, the language used was simple yet flawless.

Although we don't have enough details about all the character but Daxton was interesting. Anybody would love a guy who can whisk you out of your troubles to fantasyland, literally without breaking a sweat. I'm sure every girl out there wants a Daxton too!

The author has a great why of capturing the readers attention. I almost felt like I was there with the characters in the action scenes. I just hope there is a squeal to this one. I highly recommend this book to anyone.

Genre :      Fiction, Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal

Pages :      221

My Copy : Review Copy - all thanks to the author

Rate:              4/5 (Really liked it)


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