Friday, 2 December 2011

Follow Friday #9

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Q: What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to books? Maybe you don’t like love triangles or thin plots? Tell us about it!

ANS: My pet peeves is definitely thin plots and those huge series where till the penultimate book the story goes one way revealing absolutely next to nothing and then all of a sudden a huge intel is dumped on us in the final books making the story go in a completely different direction all together. 

Next would be poorly written love triangles - okay i'm not actually the best supporter when it comes to love triangles but they help to add a little twist but I definitely get annoyed when it gets totally chauvinistic.


  1. Both of these are huge peeves of mine too. Plot twists aren't always bad as long as they're well planned and fit. When a book has one of those major twists at the end that doesn't correspond with the rest of the series I kind of feel like, "why did I just read the past five books if thats what its going to be like?" Consistency is always good in a series.

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  2. I agree thin plot osn't the best thing at all and it's always difficult with an huge series.

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  3. I have to agree with plot twists mid-series. I feel like it means the author originally agreed to do 3 novels and then was asked to do another 3, so a huge twist is necessary to continue the series. It definitely does not make for an enjoyable reading experience.

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  4. I soo totally agree with you there, Love triangles should be well executed otherwise it will just ugh eh and blah. Great answer.

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  5. A well-written love triangle can definitely work for me! But some of them fall flat and can ruin a book.

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