Saturday, 7 January 2012

Time Gangsters

If you see a man standing over your bed with a Tommy Gun pointed at you what would you do? Well read find out about this strange situation. Presenting my views of Time Gangsters by Berin L Stephens.

Here is the summary of the book:

When Billy discovers a hidden cache of ancient coins, it isn't long before a gang of thugs swipes them right from under Billy. Plotting to use the magical properties of the coins to seize power in the past, these power-hungry gangsters will do anything to reach their goal. Their future threatened, Billy and Danny must race through time to steal back the coins---before history is changed forever!

So, your sleeping and all of a sudden you wake up in the night to see a broken window and guy standing over your bed with a tommy gun pointed at you, well not a situation you want to wake up to but this is what happens to cousins Billy and Danny wake up and to. This late night visitor sends Billy, his cousin Danny and friend on a merry treasure hunt that tops off any sort of adventure Billy had ever dreamed of. A race to prevent time from being drastically changed. Can they get there? Well they certainly can if they can work together and level their differences behind.

Title being explanatory enough these ancient coins that Billy and Danny find have magical properties and a gangsters group wants them to take over the world. He'll do anything to gain power and only the kids alongwith Agent Elliot can stop them.

As far as they story goes it may be long but its a smooth and an easy read. Billy is your every day teenager whose life depends on junk food and gets phone privileges and dreams to dig up treasures and be rich. His Danny is for another matter strange, there's no other word to describe her. She comes from a family where both mother and father are anti-technology users and prefer organic food than the latest attraction. Come on her family doesn't even have a cellphone....see what I was trying to explain Billy and Danny are polar opposites and never see eye to eye with one another.

The twists and turns abound they find themselves working together to save their present life, they just want to go home. Is that so much to ask? Mr. Stephens definitely did a great job with this.

"Its a race to save their past, present and future"

Genre :      Young Adult, Adventure

My Copy:      Publishers and Netgalley

Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.

Rate:              4/5 (Really Liked It)


  1. I'd never heard of this book before I read your review but it sounds right up my street! Thanks!

  2. new2me sounds gr8 tnx 4 reviewing

  3. Sounds like a fun read. I like anything that combines history and mystery.

    Dawn Zimmerer



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