Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Wardstone Chronicles #8 The Spook's Destiny

After a long line of satisfactories, it is about to end with a spectactular (keyword 'about to'). Presenting The Wardstone Chronicles #8 The Spook's Destiny by Joseph Delaney.

Here is the summary of the book:

Thomas Ward has served as the Spook's apprentice for three years. He has battled boggarts, witches, demons, and even the devil himself. Tom has enemies: The Fiend stalks him, waiting for a moment of weakness. The terrifying Morrigan, goddess of witches, warned him never to step foot on her homeland, Ireland. But now war has consumed their own country, and Tom, his friend Alice, and the Spook must flee to Ireland. The dark rages strongly there. No one can be trusted. Can Tom defeat the creatures that hunt him most fiercely?

The Spook, Tom and Alice in order to evade re-capturing by the invader forces flee to Ireland. But that place has its own problems and a dangerous enemy for Tom waits there, the twin of the celtic witch whom Bill Arckwright had killed and she is out for blood..... planning to give Tom to the vengeful goddess of the witches, Morrigan. But that's not all, the threat from the fiend still looms large and then there is the problem of the goat mages who are preparing to offer sacrifices to the god of nature, Pan and pull him from the other world to ours.....maybe it is time they brought an end to the fiend to finally dealt a big blow to the dark magic practices.

The series that began with the Spook's Apprentice is finally about to end. Notice I said 'about to' its not over yet and as I mentioned earlier after a long line of satisfactories ranging from book 2, this eight bokk actually was spectacular Tom finally realizes what he feels for Alice after the unthinkable happens, even the Spook is starting to accept that maybe, 'you need dark magic to combat dark magic' and things are more at stake than ever. Joseph Delaney sure delivered a good one with this, coupled with the Spooky, hair-raising and haunting details of all things that go bonk in the night. Have to say though, i'm hoping he won't be extending the series meaninglessly and will end it with a spectacle of its own spookiness.

"Evergreen characters and with the bout of the Spooky, Joseph Delaney delivers a solid one"
Genre :      Young Adult, High Fantasy

Publisher: Red Fox

Rate:              4/5 (Really Liked It)


  1. I keep meaning to read this series. It sounds great. Right, I'm off to get it on my kindle right now!

  2. Excellent review, Aparajita!! This sounds like a spectacular series! I'm going over to Goodreads to check it out! Thanks for introducing me to a fab new author, too, since I had never heard of him before. I love fantasy, so this is right up my alley!! :)



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