Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Interview with L.B. Schulman


Look whose visiting our blog today, L.B. Schulman, the author of LEAGUE OF STRAYS....lets see what she tells us.

Q: What is the best part of writing for you?

The excitement I feel when I know something is going well. My writing has finally gotten to the point where I can re-read what I wrote the day before and think, "Hey, this isn't too bad!" When the writing flows, it's an amazing experience. The characters take over and practically write the book for me sometimes and those are the moments that give me chills.

Q: How do you research a book before you begin the writing process?

Every book is different. Some require more research than others. I try to research as I write rather than before, because it's easy for me to get caught up in the research and spend too much time doing that, in part, because I'm afraid to actually start the project. So now I typically write the first draft and put notes in the document to research the facts later on.

Q: How would you describe your book in 5 words? Also for yourself too.

Dark, intense, honest, thought-provoking thriller. (Okay, that's six, but the hyphen allows me to cheat, right?)

For me? Kind, funny, quirky, persevering, and dependable.

Q: Describe Kade and Charlotte in 5 words?

Kade: Psychopath, intense, arrogant, manipulative, leader.

Charlotte: Naive, accepting, friendly, lonely, potential.

Q: The cover of the book is really awesome. Did you have any input on it while it was at its conception stage?

I think the cover captures Charlotte's desire to be with Kade but also her sense of fear. The way she is looking away, while Kade looks directly into the camera is also telling. He looks manipulative but he also doesn't shy away from it. I also liked the position of him behind her, holding onto her from the back. It reminds of the attack position in martial arts where someone grabs you from behind and you then get to flip him over the shoulder. Charlotte should to that, for sure. It's definitely a cover that makes you wonder....I got to vote on the cover models, but usually, authors don't get to have a lot of input on the design.

Q: Share your thoughts for budding authors.

Write for at least an hour every day. Join a critique group; they are very important. Also, read, read, and read some more. Study the young adult genre and find out what works for you and why and you will soon be able to write more smoothly and have some technique under your belt. Finally, be persistent. Query agents every week when you are ready and don't let rejection slow you down ever. Just keep revising and submitting. I wrote this book in a year and a half but it took another eight to find the right agent, the right publisher and to revise it 1,000 times in between.

CHECK OUT HER BOOK HERE(click on the cover to check out the description)

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