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Lies Beneath #2 Deep Betrayal

Truth revealed and stakes raised high. Presenting Lies Beneath #2 Deep Betrayal by Anne Greenwood Brown.

Here is the summary of the book:

It's been thirty days, two hours, and seventeen minutes since Calder left Lily standing on the shores of Lake Superior. Not that she's counting. And when Calder does return, it's not quite the reunion Lily hoped for. Especially after she lets her father in on a huge secret: he, like Calder, is a merman. Obsessed with his new identity, Lily's dad monopolizes Calder's time as the two of them spend every day in the water, leaving Lily behind. Then dead bodies start washing ashore. Calder blames his mermaid sisters, but Lily fears her father has embraced the merman's natural need to kill. As the body count grows, everyone is pointing fingers. Lily doesn't know what to believe—only that whoever's responsible is sure to strike again. . . .

Dark and sinister like the mer-folk of the mythologies. Anne Greenwood Brown's Lies Beneath, first scored huge points with us for a marvelous portrayal of the mer-folk as the mythologies proclaimed. The dark tones, the evil intentions of Calder and the three sisters...... oh tantalizing!

While Lies Beneath was totally in Calder's point of view (it was the first of its kind too); Deep Betrayal has a perspective change - to Lily's. the not-so-human girl Calder left behind to protect her. Quite an interesting perspective it had too. Now her dad knows, who he really is and when he adheres to his calling - he ends up  monopolizing Calder's time as the handsome hunk in question tries to teach Jason the know-hows of being a merman. but dead bodies are coming up, blames are thrown around but Lily fears the worst...... They say 'neglect' can be an ugly emotion.... (there.....somehow or the other I gave out a spoiler..... * sighs then wink*).

In someways, Deep betrayal was much more than just. A new story of its own. Delving deeper into Brown's mer-folk territory. Don't get me wrong, the dark tones is still there more than ever but there is a ray of hope as well. Lily and Calder prove even more stronger. Come what may but they stand in the face of danger and help uncover the traitor at the end. I particularly liked the way Ms. Greenwood Brown approached the conclusion to the book in the twisty way. Still feel the chills......

"Tantalizing dark with the thrill of the unknown - Deep Betrayal stand in a  league of its own"

Genre :      Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, Mythology, Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers

My Copy Publisher and netgalley

Rate:              4/5 (Really Liked It)


  1. OOh nice review!! I enjoyed this one as well. Read it earlier this year on Netgalley too!

    I think I heard the next book will be in both points of view, but I cannot remember where I heard that or when!



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