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Janitors #3 Curse of the Broomstaff

Presenting Janitors #3 Curse of the Broomstaff by Tyler Whitesides.

Here is the summary of the book:

A secret society of Janitors with wizard-like powers continue their battle, and now, the stakes are even higher. The Bureau of Educational Maintenance is after Alan Zumbro and this time they mean business - deadly business. Spencer, Daisy, and their little team of rebels must find the source of all magical Glop and destroy it before it can destroy the world as we know it. No small task with the BEM and their monster toxites at their heels. It's a wild and dangerous ride as they follow the trail of clues all the way to the hiding place of the mysterious aurans: guardians of a secret landfill. What they discover there will change the way

Spencer sees himself, not to mention the fate of the rebels.

In the author's words, this is one of the trashiest book he had ever read..... so in that context i'd say that this was definitely the trashiest book I ever read.

The story literally and actually takes place around heaps and mounds of trash as the epic war between the rebel janitors and the BEM comes at a headway. They are finally about to find out the source of the glop and planning to destroy it preventing anymore creations  or bastardizations of Grime, Filth and Rubbish.... The actual treasure hunt takes them to a land fill, the dumping and if correct the home of the mysterious Aurans..... But what they find there is another matter entirely.

Tyler Whitesides' mystical rebel warlock Janitors and their admirable fight to save education is a fiction read and appreciated with much gusto. Both Spencer and Daisy grew as characters, although certain attributes of their we observed in book 1 are still prevalent till date and enough to make us sigh in exasperation (case in point 'Gullible Gates'). But these kids and the band of adults helping them sure was a fresh point seeing as almost every other protagonist out there play an important role/

With a fast paced and well paced plot with the adrenaline induced adventure through the enormously magical landfill..... well the ending was rather unexpected..... I have no idea if this is the last book of the series r if there will be more after this one. But what I am certain of is you guys - both kids & adults and well teens out there, you need to read this series because despite it being a juvenile fiction, there is something in it for everyone and you will totally not be disappointed in it one bit.

"An epic battle of the trashiest kind - Literally..... I RECOMMEND"

Genre :      Juvenile, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy

Publisher: Shadow Mountain Publishing

Release Date: 10th September, 2013

My Copy: publisher and netgalley

Rate:              5/5 (It was Amazing)

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