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The Last Changeling #2 The Last Faerie Queen

Presenting The Last Changeling #2 The Last Faerie Queen by Chelsea Pitcher.

Here is the summary of the book:


After risking her life in the mortal world, the faerie princess Elora returns home to incite a revolution. Allied with the Bright Queen, Elora rallies her people for a battle aimed at overthrowing her mother, the Dark Queen. While some question their ability to win, Elora senses victory, knowing she has a secret weapon: Taylor, the human boy she loves, and a motley crew of his school friends, each armed with a skill that can turn the tide of the coming battle.


But then Elora's supporters in the Dark Court turn on her, believing she has forsaken them in favor of humans. When the Dark Queen kidnaps two of her human friends, Elora must mount a daring rescue mission to free them before her mother offers them up as a sacrifice.

Begins where The Last Changeling ended. The Last Faerie Queen is the finale to this brilliant duology. The Fey revolution grows decisive with each step. After the confrontation in the graveyard with Naeve leading Elora to loose her wings, Taylor, Kylie, Alexia and Keegan have taken refugee in the Bright Court. Believing them much better than their Dark counterpart. But are they really?

As the revolution begins to take shape. Secrets are revealed, harsh truth and cruel realities are seen. Trust is another issue heavily focused throughout the story. The endeavor is based upon trust. Without trust in your allies you cannot wage a revolution. The author did great work infusing a level of reality to her characters and plot alike. The story maybe set in the realm of fantasy, there is realism evident and it was a treasured friend.

I like how the humans Taylor, Keegan, Alexia and Kylie band together and help where they could. Even when the Bright Court turned out to be as twisted as the Dark Court in many ways than one, Taylor stayed true to himself, only desiring to help Elora with her mission. Bordering on new adult, The Last Faerie Queen is the perfect finale for the duology and every bit of a Faerie tale.

Here 'love' played the part of a healer, nurtured as the passion. Much darker and grittier than its predecessor, The Last Faerie Queen proceeds to showcase the prowess of its bonafide author. The complexity and the layered dynamics within each of the characters did well to turn the reading experience alight in awe and exuberance. Definitely give this duology a chance guys and be prepared for complex and enticing adventures that follows in The Last Changeling and concluding in the The Last Faerie Queen. I'm definitely partial because this is one of my favorites.

"Dark, enticing and alluring. Chelsea Pitcher's Fae are more than capable enough to suck you right in not letting go till the end"

Genre :     Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Flux

Release Date: 8th November, 2015

My Copy: publisher & netgalley

Rate:             5/5 (It was Amazing)

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  1. Okay, not going to read all of this review since it is the sequel. Going to go read your review of the first book, and see if it sounds like my type of read!



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