Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas/New Year: With A Great Load of Gifts Giveaway

So, Christmas is around the corner and not just year is in sight as well. So why not celebrate it with an awesome ebook giveaway.

Yup, these are the possible prizes.

Now the rules are pretty simple. Just fill the form below and do as it says. 

The Giveaway ends 31st December, 2011 and the results shall be announced 1st January, 2012. So enter....enter folks and you may be the lucky winner who gets all of them.......wait did I just say that?

Yup I did there will be 3 winners.
1st - will get all these books
2nd - will get 4 of these series
3rd - will get 2 of these series

So a win-win for you all.

And something else too. If by the end of the year, aka 31st December, 2011 you all get me past the 200 follower stage then you shall be getting something cool and something extra to go along with it all.

So what are you all waiting for..........enter and be surprised........You may be in the lucky three........


  1. I'm not on Twitter or FB, yet... can I still enter?

  2. Sorry this time it is important

  3. Great giveaway and thanks for the chance to win!

  4. What an awesome giveaway. Thank you for giving us the chance to enter. :) Good luck everyone :D

  5. Great giveaway and thanks for the chance to win!Good luck everyone :D



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