Thursday, 12 July 2012

I'M PARTICIPATING - Fiction Freak: Fall Into Summer Giveaway

I'M PARTICIPATING - Fiction Freak: Fall Into Summer Giveaway:  

So I was going to do something similar to this when I reached 300 followers, but I decided that if I waited too long then it wouldn't be techincally the start of Summer anymore, would it? Think of this as my giant giveaway of the year. Who knows? I might do one next year too.

What's Up for Grabs:
Any book that's released from August 16 to November 31. Techincally August isn't a Fall month, but a lot of awesome books are being released. I wouldn't want you to miss out on that! I'm not that mean.


13+ or must have parent's permission
One set of entries per household! I'll be chacking IP Addresses
One winner at 300 followers, and another winner every 100 followers from there.
The book MUST be released from Aug. 16-Nov. 31 if you didn't see it earlier.
This giveaway ends on the first day of Winter. Which is a loooonnnngggg ways off so that should give you a lot of time to get extra entries is you want!
Please keep the price under 15$. I'm not rich
INTERNATIONAL if the Book Depository ships to you. Remember, under 15$ people.

Fiction Freak


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