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Nikki Glass #2 Deadly Descendants

Mythology and folklore are rich rich topics and so wide that if you know what you are doing, you could wip up such great stories...... *swoons* ..... Presenting Nikki Glass #2 Deadly Descendants by Jenna Black.

Here is the summary of the book:

The second novel in a unique and action-packed urban fantasy series from the acclaimed author of the "Morgan Kingsley" series Once, Nikki Glass was an ordinary private investigator, running her own business in Washington, D.C. Then, her world turned upside down when she accidentally stole the immortality of a descendant of Hades. Now immortal herself, Nikki is plunged into the world of the Liberi Deorum, descendants of the ancient gods, discovering that she is descended from the goddess Artemis and has new supernatural abilities. While she still longs for the normal life she left behind, Nikki is now part of a team of immortals, led by the mysterious Anderson Kane, bent on making the world a better place. Which would be a lot easier if it weren't for the Olympians, a rival group of immortals who exploit their powers for their own benefit. In a strange twist of fate, the Olympians come to Anderson to ask for his--and Nikki's--help. The Oracle, a descendant of Apollo who is Olympian to the bone, has had a disturbing vision of a man with a jackal's head being captured by the government. This vision coincides with a rash of wild dog attacks that are terrorizing the city, and the Oracle believes her vision means these killings were perpetrated by a descendant of Anubis, the Egyptian god of death. It's up to Nikki and the rest of Anderson's team to track down and stop this serial killer before the authorities do. But the more Nikki investigates the crimes, the more she comes to suspect that the Olympians haven't told the whole truth, and the more terrifying the killer becomes.....

Book 1 of the series layered the groundwork for the proceeding books. This time for Nikki Glass and the descendants under Anderson Kane, it is not the Olympians who are causing trouble but rather an enemy of the Olympians. When a descendant of Apollo in cohorts with the Olympians comes to ask their help with the matter of dealing with this new threat....since the person appears to be a psychopath and in particular appears to be a descendant of the Egyptian death God, Anubis, it is upto Nikki now to get her hunter skills to the up and find the descendant before he does more damage than needed....after all she is the descendant of Artemis.

Deadly Descendants while being the second book of the series is a great work in its own right. For one thing it is a standalone in its own right and fully functional as well. Nikki Glass, our protagonist is as stubborn as ever. Here she is starting to discover her powers and trying to put them to good use. The descendants under Anderson are as strong as ever with their varied members.....but the most nuisance proved to be Anderson's wife, Emma. In the first book Nikki had saved her from the Olympians but turns out she is a total trainwreck. It is understandable that she must have changed after her terrible ordeal with Konstantin but it still doesn't excuse her behavior towards Nikki.

Then there is NIKKI & JAMAAL.....while it was a little unexpected but definitely welcome. There can never be a more opposite pair than this. One is lively and the other sulks around. One is the descendant of Artemis and the other of Kaali. But somehow they make it work.....oh there is some hot stuffs in there......after all it was a long time coming.

As far as the story is considered - it is as solid as ever. The plot with a steady flow remains coherent till the very end.....fitting characters......and hair raising action.....and not to forget the palpable chemistry of NIKKI&JAMAAL.....Jenna Black does it again.....I seriously want to know what the next one is called and when it will come out.

"Solid plot and characters, hair-raising action and the ever elusive myths......Deadly Descendant is a must read"
Genre :       Urban Fantasy, Paranormal

Publisher: Pocket Books

Rate:              5/5 (It was Amazing)


  1. OOh nice! I still have to read this one myself! Am sooooooo very behind on all my releases from this year! Can't wait to read this! Glad it was awesome! Excellent review!



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