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The Chronicles of Light and Shadow #1 A Conspiracy of Alchemists

A Steampunk story.....couldn't resist. Presenting The Chronicles of Light and Shadow #1 A Conspiracy of Alchemists by Liesel Schwarz.

Here is the summary of the book:

LEAVE IT TO CHANCE. Eleanor “Elle” Chance, that is—a high-flying dirigible pilot with a taste for adventure and the heroine of this edgy new series that transforms elements of urban fantasy, steampunk, and paranormal romance into pure storytelling gold. It is 1903, and the world is divided between light and shadow. On the side of light is a wondrous science that has transformed everyday life by harnessing magical energies to ingenious new technologies. But each advance of science has come at the expense of shadow—the traditional realm of the supernatural. Now two ancient powers are preparing to strike back. Blood-sucking immortal Nightwalkers and their spellcasting Alchemist allies have a plan to cover the whole world in shadow. All they require is the sacrifice of a certain young woman whose past conceals a dangerous secret. But when they come after Elle, they get more than they bargained for. This enterprising young woman, the daughter of a scientific genius, has reserves of bravery and determination that even she scarcely suspects. Now she is about to meet her match in more ways than one: a handsome yet infuriating Warlock named Hugh Marsh, whose agenda is as suspect as his charms are annoyingly irresistible.

First book in the chronicles of light and shadow and a marvelous debut. Schwarz did a good number here steampunk, paranormal, urban fantasy, exotic details, such elements make it an irresistible haunt. Paired with that marvelous and inviting cover, it is enough to say that the book is a hit. The Warlocks, the Alchemists, the Fae, the absinth fairy, and all the nifty steampunk details makes it a fun read.

While the world building could have used a little work but the story had a good pace. Elle is a worthwhile heroine. With a definite temper she is a determined person who strives to get what she wants when she sets her mind to it. The marvel that the author did, made her relatable, as  humane as possible. It is human nature to resist sudden changes. And that is what I liked about her. She resists those major changes at first but as time passes she assimilates to them and bending it to her own means through such changes.

In the romance quota,we find the handsome, irresistible and irritating Hugh Marsh. Irritating as hell but sensitive on the inside, he provides the much needed balance to Elle and its not an overbearing insta-love thank God! They began with suspicion, then progressed to acquaintance, to tentative friendship to strong confidantes.....when it progressed to love.......well that's the beauty of it isn't it......

Such power.....such twists and turns and high rise betrayals....Schwarz puts down a tale of the light and shadow at the very best. Putting in details that not only serve to heighten the fantasy but to the excitement of it too. Cannot guarantee that you will remember what happens in it later but coupled with such an invigorating and inviting cover, it is still a worthwhile read.

"Light & Shadow, exciting, exotic, and as steampunk as they come - A marvelous debut by Liesel Schwarz"

Genre :      Steampunk, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, Urban Fantasy 

Publisher: Del Ray

My Copy Publisher and Netgalley

Rate:              5/5 (It was Amazing)


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