Monday, 17 June 2013

True Blood Vol 1: All Together Now

Presenting True Blood Vol 1: All Together Now by Alan Ball, David Tischman, Mariah Huehner, David Messina.

Here is the summary of the book:

Blood and passion mix on a hot rainy night at Merlotte's as Sookie and the usual suspects settle in for the long haul. Until, that is, they find themselves unexpectedly trapped by a vengeful, vile creature who feeds off the miserable shame of others - and none will survive the morning unless all their dirty little secrets are revealed. So Sookie, Bill, Eric, Sam, Tara, Jason, and Lafayette are forced to dig deep and tell painful tales of their pasts - the kind you never willingly reveal!

I'm not what you would call a conventional reader of the true blood series, I have only yet read book 1 (i have the whole series in my e-library just haven't gotten round to reading it yet) and I still need to finish the remaining seasons (only seen first two)..... that being said this is a perfect specimen when it comes to the graphic art of this book.

By that of graphics, the art of the novel is spectacular. While I don't like the series very much but it is striking how close to the actors these illustrations of them in the book were. Again I state that since I don't really follow the show much (i will definitely get around to it) so the plot is a bit unclear to me. I did like each of the characters telling about their pasts and its a good one to do too, makes us appreciate their back story even more..... I'll definitely be trying out Vol 2 when it happens.

"An artistically marvelous piece of Tue Blood literature"

Genre :      Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Graphic Novel

Publisher: IDW Publishing

My Copy Publisher and netgalley

Rate:              3/5 (Liked It)


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