Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Finisher

Presenting The Finisher by David Baldacci.

Here is the summary of the book:

Welcome to Wormwood: a place where curiosity is discouraged and no one has ever left.

Until one girl, Vega Jane, discovers a map that suggests a mysterious world beyond the walls. A world with possibilities and creatures beyond her imagining.

But she will be forced to fight for her freedom. And unravelling the truth may cost Vega her life.

This is my first Baldacci read, and I gather that he is a renowned adult thriller author. So, The Finisher is more or less a break from tradition for him and into a hybrid YA/Fantasy/Dystopia genre. Quite a bit of a mix yes but maybe not quite on mark yet. I will surely be checking out some of his best sellers before I make an opinion of him on my list.

The Finisher, is a rich and intriguing tale with some very many exotic details that went into world building. Which was very well done. It did drag a lot though but make no mistake. While going till the end of the book, it raised even more questions that answering them.... but their is a high level of mysterious intrigue that keeps the readers on board, proving Baldacci's caliber for the particular sub-genre of the tale.

Wormwood and the Quag. The Wugmort and their distinctive vernacular and the mysteries of these places. The world building as I said was brilliantly done and while I admired Baldacci for concocting a new language for the Wugs (the residents of Wormwood), it does start to get annoying and repetitive after sometime. A bit of an info-dump can be seen here but I have my fingers crossed that there will be more in the series hence the needful..... OR IT WOULD REALLY SUCK IF IT DIDN'T....

Baldacci introduced a lot of fantasy creatures of his own making in here and some gorgeous illustrations accompanied to make them seem even more real and rightfully not repetition of popular culture.... And curiosity is discouraged. I definitely like the feeling of intrigue and mystery we see its protagonist Vega Jane go through. As she starts out in this book fighting authority and the desire for the attainment of truth.

And I'm not really sure what to think of Vega Jane yet. She is cut above all else. Quite stubborn and out spoken. And just like the stereotypic YA heroine possess a sense of honor, pride and a arrogance in leaps and bounds. I did enjoy her character but there wan't anything really unique in her that sets her apart for other YA heroines.

Info-dump and world building aside, the plot is very well built to maintain the mystery of Wormwood and all else with the puzzles and questions piling about as the story progressed. While the questions remain unsolved till the end.... the history of Wormwood, Morrigone, John and many such still remain. Hopefully there will be more in this series because we are very much invested to getting all these answers.

But what this book mostly lacks was a glossary. Yes there were illustrations to help us visualize the fantasy elements, the creatures and the magical artifacts mentioned but a little more description about them would have been nice.... So at the moment it looks to be a standalone book but I'm hoping beyond hope that it would be part of a series because we need answers and there is a great scope of more stories in this.

"Baldacci maintains the intrigue of mystery in his break from tradition but still leaves questions unanswered"
Genre :      Young Adult, Fantasy, Mystery, Dystopia

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Release Date: 29th February, 2014

My Copy: publisher

Rate:              3/5 (Liked It)

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