Friday, 5 September 2014

The Hundred #1 The 100

Presenting The Hundred #1 The 100 by Kass Morgan.

Here is the summary of the book:

No one has set foot on Earth in centuries -- until now.

Ever since a devastating nuclear war, humanity has lived on spaceships far above Earth's radioactive surface. Now, one hundred juvenile delinquents -- considered expendable by society -- are being sent on a dangerous mission: to recolonize the planet. It could be their second chance at life...or it could be a suicide mission.

CLARKE was arrested for treason, though she's haunted by the memory of what she really did. WELLS, the chancellor's son, came to Earth for the girl he loves -- but will she ever forgive him? Reckless BELLAMY fought his way onto the transport pod to protect his sister, the other half of the only pair of siblings in the universe. And GLASS managed to escape back onto the ship, only to find that life there is just as dangerous as she feared it would be on Earth.

Confronted with a savage land and haunted by secrets from their pasts, the hundred must fight to survive. They were never meant to be heroes, but they may be mankind's last hope.

I saw this new cover edition on netgalley alongwith the e-arc of the sequel 'Day 21' and the irony of it all. My request for for 'Day 21' gets accepted and for 'The 100' rejected. Surprise. Surprise. So I had to pick up my copy of the 100 finally if I am to make sense on what is happening in the sequel. The CW serialized the story with the same name but I haven't seen it yet. And I loved the concept but by the by this is an average story.

Told through the perspectives of four characters - Clarke, Wells, Glass and Bellamy. Set in the far future when Earth is ravaged by the nuclear winters and the remaining alive flee to space to live out their time on the space stations orbiting the planet awaiting and hoping to get back on solid ground again. The 100 is the story of 100 juvenile delinquents chosen to be sent down to the planet as an experiment to see if Earth can be inhabited again.

With a story of this magnitude you would expect the situation to be a bit more tense, some rampant conspiracy, sci-fi heavy duty jargon and the like but all we get is heavy, sappy and angsty teen drama. The chapters oscillate between the four points of views and they each their own back story with flashbacks. They have each got some big skeletons in their closets and we see each and every part of it as the chapters progress. Thus it is rather hard to care or root for a particular character because in a sense all of them tell the same story with only different situations.

As far as the progress of the story is considered, well aside from the ongoing teen drama only two-three significant events take place. All of them pretty much expected and imminent. And no not unexpected at all. Kass Morgan did a good job with spacing out the build up in the first book but disappointed that nothing significant or surprising took place in the interim.

"Teen drama on a ravaged Earth"

Genre :      Young Adult, Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopia, Romance

PublisherLittle, Brown Books

Release Date: 18th March, 2014

My Copy: bought (ebook)

Rate:              3/5 (Liked It)

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  1. Ooh, I'm glad you at least *liked* it. I'm SO excited to read Day 21 (I received it through Netgalley) because I LOVED The 100 and I liked the TV show until it got to inappropriate to watch *cough, because they added in WAY too much romance!, cough*

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