Friday, 9 January 2015

Three Short Reviews: Superman Unchained / Transformers: Primacy / Star Trek: City on the edge of Foreve

I will say this again, I am not an avid comic reader and nor do I follow them in their chronological order. I read what I can get my hands on. When I can get them. Superman Unchained was a great time pass. The Man of Steel this time tackles a force even more ancient than he.  A being just like him called Wraith. Much more powerful than Kal-el and they tackle the terrorist group Ascension. And the big alien threat coming towards Earth at warp speed. The art is very well detailed and I very much loved reading it. Although the camaraderie shown between Superman & Wraith was the best part but it failed to deliver the desired effect when Wraith came at him at the end.

"A intelligent and reinvigorating tale of the world's first superhero via its immaculate art"

Robots vs. Robots. Autobots vs. Decepticons. The age old war. The graphic novel details about the war before they left Cybertron to get to Earth. While the plot and elements are very well done, the art had a much less effect. Of course it would be much better as a physical copy but on the digital screen it is much too dark and much too black.

"A pretty dark tale of the everlasting Cybertronian war of the Robots" 

A new version of an old story. I am what you would call a Nutrek fan. I have seen 'The Next Generation' series and the 'Enterprise' series/ So I still have to watch the original series of which I understand that 'City on the Edge of Forever' was an episode. So I can't really compare the old & the new but .... what a great read it is. William Shatner's "Kirk" and Leonard Nimoy's "Spock" and everyone of the original Enterprise crew are realized in stark details. Kirk & Spock's chemistry is perfectly and artistically realized and they tackled some pretty difficult concept too without being obvious. A great read for new & old fans alike.

"For fans of the Star Trek franchise" 


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