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Blood of Gods and Royals #2 Empire of Dust

Presenting Blood of Gods and Royals #2 Empire of Dust by Eleanor Herman.

Here is the summary of the book:

In Macedon, war rises like smoke, forbidden romance blooms and ancient magic tempered with rage threatens to turn an empire to dust.

After winning his first battle, Prince Alexander fights to become the ruler his kingdom demands—but the line between leader and tyrant blurs with each new threat.

Meanwhile, Hephaestion, cast aside by Alexander for killing the wrong man, must conceal the devastating secret of a divine prophecy from Katerina even as the two of them are thrust together on a dangerous mission to Egypt.

The warrior, Jacob, determined to forget his first love, vows to eradicate the ancient Blood Magics and believes that royal prisoner Cynane holds the key to Macedon’s undoing.

And in chains, the Persian princess Zofia still longs to find the Spirit Eaters, but first must grapple with the secrets of her handsome—and deadly—captor.


After 'Legacy of Kings' comes 'Empire of Dust'. Following the tale of young Prince Alexander of Macedon. Of Hephaestion and Alexander's twin Katerina and their secret mission to gather allies for Alexander. Of Olympias, Cyanane, Zofia, and Jacob of Aesaerian Lords garner their own secrets, schemes and half-truth for their end goals. Empire of Dust has the action from the get go. Offering just like its predecessor a plethora of stories, while somehow managing to keep all the stories separate.

Still slow on the pickup. Only progress in pace as we go further into the story but the whole effect this time was just boring. With how much I praised its predecessor, it just took me too long to finish it...... Although i will say that i do like the plot painted by Eleanor Herman but this sequel just exhausted me. Alexander wants to prove his worthiness as a ruler. Heph wants to prove that Alexander still needs him. Cynane wants to rule. Jacob has his own dues as one of the Aesaerian warriors. Zofia wants to alter her destiny and Katerina wants Olympias to answer for her crimes. Their goals maybe same still but this sequel proved too boring as I already said for me to care.

Maybe the problem is that the author is trying to do to much, resulting in this messy sequel. But it did and while the same brought an effect of newness in 'Legacy of Kings', the same wasn't true at all for its sequel. Frankly the only story i wanted to read in this book was of Hephaestion and Katerina who are together for the entirety of the book on a mission from Alexander.

The romance while subtle also didn't do much to improve the excitement i would be expected to feel here. The character development is also a major aspect of this series that i really admire. So hopefully things will be better in the next book because the plot and the world buildup with the clever mix of history and fantasy is a simply brilliant experience.

"A bit of a let down but a worthy sequel to this rich mix of history and mythology"

Genre :     Young Adult, Historical fiction, Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal

Publisher: Harlequin Teen

Release Date: 28th June, 2016

My Copy: publisher & netgalley

Rate:             3/5 (Liked It)

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