Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Passenger #1 Passenger

Presenting Passenger #1 Passenger by Alexandra Bracken.

Here is the summary of the book:

In one devastating night, violin prodigy Etta Spencer loses everything she knows and loves. Thrust into an unfamiliar world by a stranger with a dangerous agenda, Etta is certain of only one thing: she has traveled not just miles but years from home. And she’s inherited a legacy she knows nothing about from a family whose existence she’s never heard of. Until now.

Nicholas Carter is content with his life at sea, free from the Ironwoods—a powerful family in the colonies—and the servitude he’s known at their hands. But with the arrival of an unusual passenger on his ship comes the insistent pull of the past that he can’t escape and the family that won’t let him go so easily. Now the Ironwoods are searching for a stolen object of untold value, one they believe only Etta, Nicholas’ passenger, can find. In order to protect her, he must ensure she brings it back to them—whether she wants to or not.

Together, Etta and Nicholas embark on a perilous journey across centuries and continents, piecing together clues left behind by the traveler who will do anything to keep the object out of the Ironwoods’ grasp. But as they get closer to the truth of their search, and the deadly game the Ironwoods are playing, treacherous forces threaten to separate Etta not only from Nicholas but from her path home... forever.


I was equally excited for this book and i am equally dreading reviewing this too now that I have finished it, I was lucky enough to be contacted by Hachette India for a review because this book is clothed in such a gorgeous cover, its Alexandra Bracken (of course I still haven't read her Darkest Minds series, yet) and because the story has time travel .... and i'm a sucker for anything Time travel. This one also has been hyped across the social media a lot too. So those can be a hit and miss thing in a lot of instances ..... In the case of Passenger, it somehow felt in between.

Etta is a budding violinist and Nicholas is a content sea traveler, who dreams of owing his own boat. Etta is just about to have her big debut in modern day America but before that could happen, enters the illusive Ironwood family who whisk her away back in time to search for something they say her mother stole, in return for the release of her mother who had been taken away by the said Ironwoods. And Nicholas must help her, if he wants to get away from the clutches of his family (Ironwood) and be free of its web.

I liked Etta and Nicholas as protagonists. Etta's world has been turned upside down and its understandable that she is suspicious of this secret world and at a loss to do anything about it other than what they want her to do. She is headstrong, and with a good head on her shoulder. Nicholas was a sweetheart. He is chivalrous, protective, loyal to a fault and a well mannered eighteenth century guy, who knows how to treat a girl right. He falls for Etta at first glance but knows not to expect anything because of the restrictions that differentiate them in more ways than one.

This book also has another major point to recommend it. They did time travel but in a different style. Usually people travel trough time because of a rare gene, artifacts or machines but Bracken employs the use of corridors where people walk through to travel in time, not something you usually see in time travel story. And also this story has a colored character in this historical setting, good choice there.... Definitely not something you usually see.

Its just the one thing that made me rate it less was that the story felt too long and dragging. Also the explanations where too long winded, that the pacing got distracted sometimes because of that..... And I got bored because of that. But i definitely liked the development of the romance between Etta and Nicholas..... I'm definitely coming back to this series because the cliffhanger was just heartbreaking and i want to know what happens next.

"New and slightly different but a time travel never seen before"
Genre :     Young Adult, Sci-fi, Romance, Historical fiction

Publisher: Quercus

Release Date: 7th April, 2016

My Copy: courtesy of the publisher

Rate:             3/5 (Liked It)

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