Monday, 18 July 2011

Dragon Stones

Ahh fiction and an easy read...been really wanting to read one since ages - Dragon Stones by Kristian Alva.

Here is the summary of the book:

Sequestered deep in the capital, the tyrannical Emperor Vosper weaves a plan to destroy all the dragons. He succeeds in driving them to the very brink of extinction. Only a handful of dragons and riders remain; living in exile in the desert. When young Elias Dorgumir finds a carved dragon stone in the forest, it brings empire soldiers to his doorstep, and puts Elias on the run with a bounty on his head. With some help from his friends, Elias must escape the emperor’s wrath and try to make it to the safety of the dwarf caverns. Elias holds the key to the salvation of the dragon race. Is Elias strong enough to save himself and halt the evil that is spreading across the land?

I originally am a fantasy lovers and the type of the said genre I like are where the underdog finds himself an important role and goes on to become the hero. Coincidentally, Dragon Stones is just the same and kind of reminded me as a mixture between Lord of the Rings(J.R.R. Tolkien) and The Inheritance Cycle(Christopher Paolini). In here also, Elias is running away from his opponent because he really isn't good at using his powers yet. 

The world building here is the stereotypical high fantasy world with mages, dragons, dwarves, elves, etc. but the thing I liked about it was that it wasn't too complicated, as many fantasy worlds tend to be. The author introduces the world slowly and lets it build so that us reader are able to enjoy the story and get to know the characters first. This book starts out with some dragon slaying, then moves to our main main character Elias and his grandmother Carina. It gets really comfy, like an old fashioned classic fantasy.

At first I thought Elias' character spoke and was treated a little young for his age. I kept picturing him as of to be between 10 and 13 years of age even though he is supposed to be 16. Thorin the dwarf was a great character and made the story feel a little lighter when it could have felt too dark. There are quite a few times when Thorin really looks on the brighter side of things. He is also very bold at times and is a very kind character.

Every book has its pros and cons and for me I felt the dialogues needed some more work. Yes the book in a young adult fantasy but its a high fantasy and after reading some of those you feel like the dialogue should be more formal not colloquial English. 

But nevertheless when the adventure begins and secrets start to be revealed, you won't be able to put it down.

Genre :      Fiction, Fantasy, Young Adult

Publisher: PassKey

My Copy: Courtesy of publisher

Rate:              4/5 (really liked it)


  1. Lovely site! Glad to follow. Let me know if ever you'd like to read my book Wherever The Wind Will Blow It!

    Best to you,
    Susie Rosso Wolf

  2. would love to if I get the chance

  3. Nice review. I reviewed that not too long ago on my blog. You know, I thought the same thing! Considering what happened though to his mom, I figured his grandma coddled him real close over his lifetime making him into a momma's boy, you know?:) I think because of what happened though, he started to pick up the right pace.

    Can't wait for Book II. If you review book II, let me know and I'd link your review link to mine if you want.:)



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