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Interview with Tim Andrewartha

Hey everyone today we have a special appearance by Tim Andrewartha the author of Vitality.

Q. Tell us something about yourself.

I was born in 1981 in England. I moved to Japan in 2006 to teach English. Now I live in Tokyo with my girlfriend.

Q: It is often said that if you can write a short story you can write anything. How true do you think this is and what have you written that either proves or disproves this POV?
I wrote short stories first before attempting to write a novel and I think this helped me prepare myself so from my experience there is a certain amount of truth in this. However, I know some people say that they have difficulty writing something longer than a short story. Because writing a novel takes so long then you really need to be committed to it to get it finished.

Q: How to you research for a book before you being the writing process?

The kind of stuff that I write doesn’t really require specific research as such. It’s more a case of drawing from my experiences and developing ideas that come to me as I live my everyday life.

Q: What is the best part of writing for you?

The best part for me is when I’m reading back what I’ve been working on, after giving it some time for my mind to become fresh, and I’m happy with how my imagination has translated to the page. It’s very satisfying.

Q: Did you always have in mind to be a writer or it just happened?

I have always wanted to do something creative. When I was a child I enjoyed drawing and when I was a teenager I played guitar in a band, but as I got older I realized writing was the best way for me to express myself.

Q: Tell us something about VITALITY?

It’s a dystopian science fantasy set in an alternative version of the present day. Stylo Green moves to a nameless city to work for Vitality. The company is making a purple soft drink which they promise will change people’s lives – a welcome gesture in a place where society is spiralling down towards its demise.

The New Movement Party hope to win the next election and clean up the city. Real food is banned so everyone eats plastic-tasting Easy Food except the few who dare to eat illegal fruit and vegetables available on the black market. Dr. Mooseball produces recreational narcotics which are legal and a popular way to relax while Soft Dreams employs people to suck up the ghosts that float around the city.

Emulla, the girl with the beautiful voice, is different from the others. She and Stylo hit it off, and Stylo's packaging designs are chosen. Things seem to be going well for him, but he begins to notice something peculiar about his colleagues. The truth starts to unravel but not without bloodshed. When he finally faces his nemesis, nothing can prepare him for what he is about to discover.

Q: How would you describe it in a sentence?

A purple soft drink promises to change people's lives in a nameless city where society is spiralling down towards its demise.

Q: When you sit down and write do you know how the story will end or do you just let the pen take you? ie Do you develop character profiles and outlines for your novels before writing them or do you let your idea's develop as you write?
I think it’s important to know where the story is going and who the main characters are before I actually start to write the novel. So I develop the ideas in my head for a bit and then make some notes. However, it’s only a rough outline and I allow for things to change along the way and for things to happen spontaneously.

Q: What is your guiltiest pleasure that few know about?

I’m partial to a drop of alcohol every once in a while, but that may not come as a big surprise to those who know me.

Q: In your opinion, what are the best and worst aspects of writing for a living?

The best aspect of writing for a living is being able to express yourself by using your imagination. The worst aspect is the pressure of trying to survive in such a competitive industry.

Q: How did the idea spring in your mind to write VITALITY?

I was thinking about the power big companies have and how they influence the way we think through advertising. A simple product like a drink can be made to seem like it will improve our lives. I found it scary to imagine to what extent this control could be implemented.

Q: How similar to its principle protagonist and the main cast are you?

I have some similarities with the main character, Stylo Green, but I’m not so similar to any of the other characters.

Now some simple questions and more fun^^

-Your favourite books and author
Philip K Dick is my biggest influence. Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said, The Man in the High Castle, and A Scanner Darkly are some of his best novels.

-Your favourite band/singer 
Mogwai are my favourite band. Their music is very moody and atmospheric so it’s great for inspiration when I’m writing.

-Twitter or Facebook
I have been using Facebook for a while and I find it useful for staying in touch with friends. I have only just started using Twitter but it seems good for connecting with lots of people and for finding out about stuff.

-Favourite place in the world
I really like Tokyo. It’s such an interesting and exciting city. There are some really nice traditional elements as well as plenty of modern craziness.

-Last movie you watched at the cinemas
Black Swan. I thought it was very good. Natalie Portman’s performance was excellent and Darren Aronofsky is a superb director.

-The last book you've read
The Scar by China Mieville. I’ve been reading a lot of his books recently and I find his work very inspiring. He’s a very imaginative and original writer.

-Have you ever googled yourself
Yeah, I have. That’s usual these days, isn’t it? I was just curious about what would come up.

-If you wouldn’t be a writer, what you would be
If I wasn’t a writer then I would have to express myself in some way, perhaps music or photography.

-And last one....print or ebooks
I haven’t got into ebooks yet. I still really enjoy reading print books.

Q: What advice would you like to give budding authors or those who want to start writing?

You need to stick with it. It takes time to develop your style and skills. So if you give up too soon you’ll never know your true potential.

       About his upcoming book:- 

Being Published on February 14th, 2012. Our Anti Valentine title

A creepy sci-fi tragic romance twister...
Vitality is a weird fiction/science fantasy novel about a purple soft drink that promises to change people’s lives in a nameless city where society is spiraling down towards its demise. And now, stay tuned for more on the strange purple soft drink.
Go purple. Go on. It won’t hurt you…

Website for the publishing company: http://onlinefantasybooks.com/


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