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CEDARFORT BLOG TOUR STOP: The Secret Life of Copernicus H. Stringfellow [Review & Giveaway]

Presenting Lorin K. Barber and his book The Secret Life of Copernicus H. Stringfellow today as on my blog as part of the blog tour organized by the publishers. Read on and get a chance to enter for a giveaway.


Copernicus H. Stringfellow, a.k.a. Nick, is not your run-of-the-mill genius. His mind is so powerful it can stop a speeding automobile or stem internal bleeding. As Nick goes about quietly doing good, he discovers that his powers are greatly enhanced by the nutrients present in Twinkies. Follow Nick on his amazing adventures in this humorous and exciting action-packed book for all ages.


I have 6 children, 1 wife and 8 grandchildren. I spent most of my adult life as a manufacturing executive. I've been to 45 states and 19 foreign countries. With the loss of a business in the bad economy I'm trying to turn a hobby of writing into a new career.

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Copernicus H. Stringfellow better known as Nick Stringfellow is a weird guy, he is very intelligent, he is the smartest you may have ever come across, has more PhDs than the normal day-to-day person (around 18 to be exact) and carries large wads of cash saying it is easier for him. But he also has a big secret, he can make things happen if he concentrates very hard and also is a twinkie did you just read that....he is a ability if you ask me.

Due to good reason he had never settled anywhere permanently and doesn't really trust anyone with his secret, even his friends only know the surface of it all. Nick lost his mother when he was but a child and his father ran away, so with guidance, he began to strictly follow the rule of the famous Spiderman lines "With great power comes great responsibiloty"....very wise and very true. But maybe it is time he settle down and start a family of his own.

This is a very different story than the one's I have read so far amd Nick, our protagonist has all the qualities of being a good person and an ideal hero but the book had too much dialogues and very less descriptions in it making it a little difficult to follow the narrative but it definitely is a book worth checking out.

"Nick makes you see the beauty of giving and asking nothing but friendship in return"


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  1. This book looks very interesting! I'd love to win a copy of the ebook. Thanks.

  2. Looks like an awesome book!! I dont think that I have ever read anything quite like it :D

  3. This book looks funny. I look forward to reading it. :)

  4. Woah, the author sounds extraordinary..FORTY FIVE STATES and 19 COUNTRIES, I would love to be him.

    For some reason this review reminded me of that new movie, Chronicle.

  5. Sounds pretty unique, and a lot of fun. Thanks for the chance to win.


  6. Looks interesting, I'd love to win a copy.



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