Friday, 24 February 2012

New Girl

During school life one of the most gruesome task is being the new girl  among your established peers, a very difficult task for many to make a niche at some place new and this is beautifully displayed in New Girl by Paige Harbison.

Here is the summary of the book:

It's hard to be the new girl--especially when she's filling the spot at an exclusive boarding school that was formerly held by perfect Becca, the girl everyone loved. Becca--the girl who disappeared, and who may or may not be really gone. Original.

Centered around Manderley Academy, a boarding school and a new spot in the middle of the semester is open, why? of their own Becca Normandy goes missing; so enter the New Girl (guys I'm not going to spoil the name since we literally learn it when the story is about to end). So, the new girl comes to Manderley but there is a little problem; her roommate is less than co-operative and her side of the room is still filled with Becca's thing like a shrine. 

Here is another problem, its not just her roommate but everyone at Manderley sees the new girl as one trying to compete for Becca's position at school, it is even a no-no for her to even look or interact with Max or Johnny, Becca's two love interests. But what was the reason for Becca's disappearance. And most of all is she really bidding her time to come back and reclaim her position at the school?

New Girl is a psychological tale of a new student at an uptight boarding school, where everything she does is compared to her predecessor, the reason she got an entry there. The population of the school still hangs onto Becca and what  she represented, so they are less than appreciative of their new classmate. The narrative is very clever, the whole story alternates between Becca and the New Girl. Also, since I've not yet mentioned the new girl's name so likewise I'm also not mentioning anything about the other characters at all....let's keep it a surprise for you all. You are definitely in for a major treat.

"New Girl makes you see the harsh realities of starting over in life through the point of view of a new girl herself"

Genre :      Young Adult, Contemporary

Publisher: HarlequinnTeen

Rate:              4/5 (Really Liked It)


  1. hmm Ive been hearing mixed reviews about this book, I guess I really have to read it myself see whats in store for me. Great review girl.


  2. "But what was the reason for Becca's disappearance. And most of all is she really bidding her time to come back and reclaim her position at the school?"

    This statement from your review is very compelling, and makes "New Girl" the newest addition to my TBR list!! (Not that I needed an addition!)

    Be well!




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