Friday, 17 February 2012

The Wardstone Chronicles #6 The Spook's Sacrifice

In the previous book we learned about the mistake the Spook makes, now we learn what he sacrifices in The Wardstone Chronicles #6 The Spook's Sacrifice by Joseph Delaney.

Here is the summary of the book:

As the Spook's apprentice Tom's first duty is to protect the County from the dark. But now Mam needs his help in her homeland of Greece. One of the most dangerous of the old gods, the Ordeen, is about to return there, bringing slaughter and devastation. Meanwhile, the Devil himself is still loose and if he and the Ordeen join forces, a new age of darkness will descend. Mam has summoned a powerful group to her side but among them are Tom's old enemy, the Pendle witches, including the assassin Grimalkin, and the cunning clan leader Mab Moldheel. Can Tom go against all the Spook has taught him and ally himself to the witches? What is the secret that Mam is keeping from him? And what sacrifices must be made in the battle against the dark?

After spending six months with another mentor, Tom is back at Chippenden with his master but with the devil himself loose in the world and his friend Alice back at Pendall with her witchy relatives things are very bleak. The battleground this time is Greece. Tom's mam is back in the County for a final visit at Tom's childhood home and she wants something from him.

She wants that Tom travel to Greece with her and help defeat the evil there once and for all. We all know now since the previous books that Tom knows his mother is not human but she may actually be more than Tom may have actually anticipated. Tom's mam wants a lot of things from him and the Spook in order to finally defeat her enemy, the Ordeen, an evil goddess, who if in league with the fiend spells trouble for not just one but all the Counties of the world and Tom's mam does not want that.

To accomplish such a ginormous task as this, she had asked the assistance of varied groups of creatures and people, the Pendell witches and a lot of unholy creatures fall in that category and the Spook is not okay with this. So can he sacrifice his virtues and work together with his adversaries to do what his Spook's business tell him to do.

As I have said before for the previous Wardstone Chronicle books holds true for this one too - they serve as a great narrative as a Halloween read. Its hair-raising narrative is always a treat for sore eyes but if we consider the character development that department...well sorry to say that is nill, so i'm not wasting time explaining what are characters go through in this book. Still there was one thing unique about this book, the reality check for our characters that you cannot distinguish between the black and white of life(of dark and light), that line has always been blurred and will always be blurred. But I'd very much love to see what Tom and the Spook are up to next after such a gruesome battle.

"Intense and Spooky.....can the Spook forgo his virtues and work towards a common goal?"

Genre :      Young Adult, Fantasy

Publisher: Red Fox

Rate:              4/5 (Really Liked It)


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