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Follow Friday #13 (AND I AM FEATURED TODAY..OMG...)

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Sorry for the late post. So, this week's question is:

Q: I like unique names for characters and am looking forward to coming up with some when I start writing. What's the most unique character name you've come across?

ANS: I'd be tactful its a very difficult question to answer.....lets see...the most weirdest names I have seen so far - well Reenesme (from Twilight), now she maybe a half vampire but Peeta, Katniss, Cinna and the rest from the Hunger Games are also very weird and very unique one in a million names. Also from one of my recent reads The Alchemy of Forever, the name Seraphina is also very old century and very unique and mythical.


  1. Very true about Renessme, the interesting thing is that If I know an explanation for a name it doesn't seem as weird! New follower, glad to be here!

  2. Congrats on the feature!

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  3. Congrats on being featured! =)
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    Definitely agree on the name Reneeesme. Very Unique and very weird too.

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  4. Just waned to drop by and say congrats on being featured!! New follower here :)

    I picked a couple of names from Hunger Games too, I think a lot of them are unique and interesting.

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  5. I agree with you about Reneeseme too, but I am okay with the HG names as the names seem to be part of the world/culture Suzanne Collins created.


  6. Just want to say I love your book cover for Le Codex. Intriguing.

    My name is from Dickens. I've always thought Fagin was appropriately names. And Mr. Beadle - also from Oliver Twist. Reneeseme is a new one for me.

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  7. Congrats on being the feature this week! I think Reneeseme is usual too along with the Hunger Games characters. There's too many to list! Have a great weekend and new follower.

  8. Hopping thru:) I feel like Renesme was just made up for a lack of imagination. But can't deny it's weird. ;)

    New follower ;)

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  9. Wow-I forgot about Peeta and Katniss--very unique indeed.
    I love unique without going overboard.
    Case in point (although its not a fictional name) is Apple, Gwenneth's daughter.
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  10. New follower here. My FF is Here. I adore the artwork on your blog! So very cute.

    I love the name Seraphina but Reneeseme always reminds me too much of Reese's chocolates for some strange reason :)

  11. New follower dropping in :) I agree about Renesmee... but I really disliked that name. -_-

    I mentioned Katniss in my FF, too! :) (

  12. Yeah for being featured! Great job on the post. Katniss and Peeta are some of the more unique names I've read in books.

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    Have a great weekend!

    Jamie @Addicted2Heroines

  13. I agree about Renesmee. The Hunger Games definitely has a unique set of names.

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  14. Congrats on being this weeks feature blog! That's a pretty interesting question. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what answer's people come up with. I'm thinking Reneesme is gonna be a popular answer today lol!

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  15. I'm a new follower! Congrats on being a feature, great answer! this is mine, hope you'll stop by to tell me what you think!Reneesme seems to be a popular answer ^.^

  16. Congrats on the feature! I agree that the HG names are pretty unique, but I like most of them. I am not a fan of the name Reneesmee...just too convuluted for me. I really like the name Seraphina though.

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    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairytale Reviews

  17. Ya renesmee is quite strange :)

    Congrats on beign featured!
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  18. Reenesme is really popular today :)

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  19. Goodness, I love your blog! It is beautiful!

    Congrats on being the feature. I agree with your unique names. I found the Hunger Games to be full of them! I guess when you write a novel that takes place way in the future, today's names just don't cut it. =)

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    Jennifer @ A Librarian's Library

  20. Nice choices. Reading science fiction and fantasy results in coming across a lot of odd and unusual names. I really should read the Twilight and Hunger Games series' one of these days.

    Aaron (Dreaming About Other Worlds).

  21. Congrats on getting featured! Your header art is amazing. Personally I think I block out most of the weird names and substitute ones easier to remember. It took me awhile in The Hunger Games before I could accept Katniss as an actual name.

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  22. Hi new follower from Follow Friday :) Congratulations on getting featured! I agree with you about Reneesme.

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    ♥ Book nerds are pretty too

  23. I haven't read Twilight and I don't think I ever will. I haven't read Hunger Games either but I saw the preview for the movie and it looks amazing. I absolutely have to read the book now.

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  24. New Follower!! Your blog is nice. My FF post would love for you to follow to thanks!

  25. Congrats on being featured! Great answer. I really like the name Seraphina. *New Follower*

  26. Congrats on being featured! I totally agree with your choice of Renesmee.
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  27. Great answer! The Hunger Games names are all very unique and of course Renesmee is very different. Of course if you think about the logic behind the name Renesmee is doesn't seem so weird. Congrats on the feature! *New Follower* BTW, I love your header!
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  28. Hi! I agree with ya on Renesmee, I totally love her name. New follower. Please follow back at

  29. *head desk* ACK! I went completely blank this week. But you came up with some pretty interesting names. Congratulations on the feature this week! Following via GFC: GzNKz4evr.

    Kendra @ Reader's Edyn

  30. Renesmee and Katniss are peculiar names. When I read the question immediately thought of Katniss.
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  31. Reenesma I can't get over. I've never liked that name...I love all the names in Hunger Games. Very unique but also very fitting!
    Old follower :) Congrats on being featured this week!

    Chapter by Chapter

  32. I don't really like weird names that much. Seraphina I like because it's got history, but weird names that people make up usually make me cringe.

    Congrats! New follower

  33. All good choices. I completely forgot about The Hunger Games names *smacks forehead*
    Jennifer @ The Bawdy Book Blog

  34. New follower! I love the name Seraphina! Here is my FF if you'd like to follow back:

  35. I really love Seraphina, thats way pretty!!! Hope you are having a great weekend so far!! Happy Reading!

  36. I love Seraphina too. I even named one of my characters Seraphina. She's in a book that is safely stored on my hard drive. Not sure if she'll ever have the opportunity to meet readers.

    I'm a new follower.

  37. If it's too unique then that would pass as a weird name to me. And that would annoy me to continue reading the book!

    Happy Friday! New follower here!

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  39. Oooh, congrats for being featured. You must totally be ecstatic about that. *g* Some great answers, there.

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