Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Watersong #3 Tidal

Presenting The Watersong Quartet #3 Tidal by Amanda Hocking.

Here is the summary of the book:

Her only hope lies with her greatest enemies

Gemma is facing the fight of her life. Cursed by beautiful but deadly sirens, her extraordinary powers have a terrifyingly dark side, and becoming human once more is proving her greatest challenge yet. As she struggles to break the curse, the sirens, Penn Lexi and Thea are determined to kill her before she can set herself free.

Gemma's only allies are her sister, Harper, and Harper’s boyfriend, Daniel. Together they must delve into their enemies’ mythical pasts – to discover their darkest secrets. But Penn has also set her sights on Daniel. Soon, the sirens threaten everything Gemma holds dear: her family, her friends, her life, and her relationship with Alex – the only guy she's ever loved. Can she save herself and those she cares about before it is too late?

"Wake" and "Lullaby" were my favorite so I began this with much gusto. Third installment of the series and things have become widely more interesting. And Daniel looks so hot on the cover .... Okay so Gemma still struggles with her transformed life. Being a siren is not easy it is definitely not easy when when you only have Penn, Lexi and Thea as companions. And Harper and Daniel are trying hard to be together in this mess. And Alex suffers the terrible aftermath of the sirensong.

This series comes with a quick read read and I liked how Hocking's words just flows through the pages making us want to go along with the story as well. Of course, Tidal tells us the history or some of the main events of the past related to the sirens. It was an interesting concept to see them through that ...... comparing the past and present ..... And really not much is different among them or about them at all.

Penn was a murderous bat-sh** crazy siren ..... but as usual she makes for a great antagonist. Lexi was annoying and Thea grew in ways not imagined and actually became friends with Gemma. Amanda Hocking did a great job with this book. I especially loved the mythos and the lore ..... And after reading the end of Tidal .... I will only say this, "Don't do it Daniel" .... Sorry for that but I do hope Daniel gets out of the madness he created for himself ..... Just need "Elegy" now to know the end.

"Sirens and deep water mysteries. An amazing follow up to Wake & Lullaby"

Genre :      Young Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Mythology


Release Date: 6th June, 2013

My Copy: Book exchange with a friend

Rate:              3/5 (Liked It)

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